Trainee Zone

Posts aimed at current anaesthetic trainees

6-10 Pharmacology SBAs for the Primary FRCA

5 more questions and explanations for the Primary FRCA exam

1-5 Pharmacology SBAs for the Primary FRCA

5 single best answer questions for the Primary FRCA.

My Obstetric Recipe

My recipes for pregnant people

Useful exam resources

A collection of useful resources for the exams

Recipes - Breast Reconstruction

Our first edition of anaesthetic recipes!

James & Will’s favourite resources

Our favourite places to learn

The Cardiac Action Potential

The key points you need to know about cardiac impulses

A Day in the life of a trainee anaesthetist on-call

Ever wondered what we really get up to?

Working as an F1 on ICU

What it's like on the unit as an F1 doctor

How to nail the MSRA

Our top tips for that dreaded exam.