Sevoflurane - a poem

How sevoflurane works

"Beneath the Balloon's Duet: Complications Unveiled"

"What are the complications of intra-aortic balloon pumps?"

"Flames and Resilience: An Ode to Managing Airway Fires"

How to manage an Airway Fire

"Whispers of the Airway: Lessons in Breath and Care"

A poem about the NAP 4 Audit Project.

"Breath's Metamorphosis: Unveiling Positive-Pressure Ventilation"

"Discuss the physiological changes that occur during positive-pressure ventilation."

"Fluid's Rhythmic Dance: The Principles of Perioperative Balance"

"Discuss the principles of fluid management in perioperative care."

"Shadows on the Path: Pharmacological Intricacies in Spinal Cord Monitoring"

"Which agents interfere with spinal cord monitoring?"

"Shadows and Relief: Opioids' Anthem in Anesthesia's Realm"

"Discuss the pharmacology and clinical applications of opioids in anesthesia."

"The Tempest Within: An Ode to Anaphylaxis in Anesthesia"

Explain the pathophysiology and management of anaphylaxis during anaesthesia

"Nerve's Meanderings: A Spike Milligan-esque Ode to Vagus"

Anatomy of the Vagus nerve