"Whispers of the Airway: Lessons in Breath and Care"

"Whispers of the Airway: Lessons in Breath and Care"

I asked ChatGPT to read the executive summary of the NAP 4 audit project, and then write a poem about it.

I then asked it to give the poem a title.

I think it did rather well.

In the realm of airways, a tale unfolds,
Of failures and risks yet to be controlled.
Emergency cannula cricothyroidotomy,
A high failure rate, a challenge that's mighty.
Equipment, training, insertion techniques,
Ventilation methods, a complex critique.
A surgical technique, nearly flawless in score,
The possibility of superiority, we must explore.
Aspiration, a common cause of death,
In anaesthesia's breath, it steals life's breath.
Poor judgement prevails in the risk's assessment,
Airway devices neglected, a grave omission.
Misinterpretation of capnograph's trace,
Oesophageal intubations, a dangerous embrace.
Active efforts needed, a diagnosis to exclude,
In cardiac arrest, where CO2 traces elude.
Emergence and recovery, a period of concern,
Obstruction and oedema, risks we discern.
Recognize the heightened danger it entails,
Plan and prepare, as the patient inhales.
Poor judgement, a consistent theme,
Hindsight's gaze reveals a concerning scheme.
Education and training, a factor to heed,
Choosing safer techniques, we must take the lead.
Capnography in ICU, a crucial measure,
Preventing deaths, a potent treasure.
Displaced tracheostomy, a significant cause,
Obese patients suffer, adverse outcomes applause.
Events in the emergency department,
Complications of rapid sequence induction's descent.
Matching the operating theatre's support and gear,
Capnography and equipment, handling airway's sphere.
Supraglottic airway devices, used amiss,
Non-aspiration events, patients at risk remiss.
Back-up plans lacking, in dire emergencies,
Alternative techniques, reduce these contingencies.
Head and neck surgeries, a frequent tale,
Assessment and planning, a delicate trail.
Teamwork essential, between surgeon and doc,
Failures lead to risks, where lives may be locked.
Management of the obstructed airway,
Skill and cooperation, a must-have display.
Fully equipped environments, a necessary scene,
Tracheostomy, a safer choice, intervene.
Obesity as a risk, often overlooked,
Complications arise, as airways are hooked.
SADs and intubation, challenges prevail,
Modification and recognition, a balanced tale.
Airway assessment, a key to success,
Incomplete or omitted, a hazardous caress.
Planning for failure, an essential art,
Structured responses, outcomes not torn apart.
Awake fibreoptic intubation, a skill sought,
Confidence, judgement, equipment, all brought.
Ensure availability, a service we need,
To navigate airways, where safety takes lead.
Multiple attempts at intubation, a dangerous stride,
Can't intubate, can't ventilate, risks collide.
Change approaches, before chaos unfolds,
Guided by wisdom, where safety beholds.
In the realm of airways, lessons profound,
Seeking improvement, where answers are found.
Through diligence and education's grace,
We strive for better care, in airway's embrace.

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