"Fluid's Rhythmic Dance: The Principles of Perioperative Balance"

"Fluid's Rhythmic Dance: The Principles of Perioperative Balance"
Photo by David Becker / Unsplash

I asked ChatGPT the following:

Please write a poem answering the following: "Discuss the principles of fluid management in perioperative care."

I then asked it to give the poem a title.


In the realm of perioperative care's gentle sway,
Fluid management holds its vital say.
A symphony of balance, an artful measure,
Let's explore the principles, in poetic treasure.
Fluids, the essence of life's precious flow,
Their administration, a dance we must know.
To maintain hydration, a steady stream,
Addressing losses, as if in a dream.
Preoperative preparation, the starting phase,
Assessing the patient, a careful gaze.
Understand the physiology, the body's needs,
To guide the fluid plan, where harmony leads.
Intraoperative period, a delicate stage,
Fluids infused, with wisdom engaged.
Maintenance, replacement, a tailored approach,
Compensating for losses, with knowledge as coach.
Crystalloids, the foundation, the base so clear,
Isotonic solutions, their path sincere.
Balancing fluids, restoring the norm,
To sustain circulation, weathering the storm.
Colloids, a select few, their role refined,
Albumin, starches, a purpose defined.
In specific situations, their use unfolds,
To optimize volume, as the story unfolds.
Monitoring, an essential guide,
To ensure fluid balance, we must abide.
Hemodynamic parameters, they hold the key,
Assessing response, with keen scrutiny.
Urinary output, a metric revered,
A window to fluid status, to be endeared.
Oliguria's whisper, a call to explore,
Adjusting fluids, with wisdom galore.
The principles of fluid management, a nuanced art,
Balancing needs, with a vigilant heart.
Avoiding excess, preventing depletion,
Striving for equilibrium, a perpetual mission.
So, let it be known, in poetic decree,
The principles of fluid management, we see.
Perioperative care, a symphony profound,
Navigating the fluid balance, with wisdom's sound.
A delicate dance, where science meets art,
In the realm of perioperative care's impart.
Fluids, the lifeblood, their balance our guide,
Managing with prudence, the ebb and tide.