Just for Fun

An intestinal interlude

When blowing hot air actually works

"Fluid's Rhythmic Dance: The Principles of Perioperative Balance"

"Discuss the principles of fluid management in perioperative care."

"Shadows on the Path: Pharmacological Intricacies in Spinal Cord Monitoring"

"Which agents interfere with spinal cord monitoring?"

"Shadows and Relief: Opioids' Anthem in Anesthesia's Realm"

"Discuss the pharmacology and clinical applications of opioids in anesthesia."

"The Tempest Within: An Ode to Anaphylaxis in Anesthesia"

Explain the pathophysiology and management of anaphylaxis during anaesthesia

"Nerve's Meanderings: A Spike Milligan-esque Ode to Vagus"

Anatomy of the Vagus nerve

"Journey of Light: Awake Fibreoptic's Guiding Hand"

'What are the indications for awake fibreoptic tracheal intubation?'

"Harmony Amidst Complexity: Down Syndrome's Anesthetic Voyage"

"What difficulties might Down syndrome present to the anaesthetist?"

"Shadows' Symphony: An Elegy of Paralytic Agents"

A poem comparing the strengths and weaknesses of rocuronium, suxamethonium and atracurium, all in the style of Edgar Allen Poe.

"37 little things which have all caused death"

Oh how far we've come