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Acute Spinal Cord Injury

Take home messages * Half of patients with acute spinal cord


The best of both

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

Take home messages * VAP is the most abundant ITU infection

Amniotic Fluid Embolism

Take home messages * Amniotic fluid embolism remains a significant cause

31 - 35 Pharmacology SBAs for the Primary FRCA

Question 31 You're feeling pretty pleased with yourself

Pressure Waveforms and Cardiac Output

and Swan-Ganz pulmonary artery catheters

Get ready for ECMO

What to do and when

26 - 30 Physics SBAs for the Primary FRCA

Boyle, Charles, Gay-Lussac, Fick, Graham, Henry and Dalton

Sedation in ED - a case discussion

Our top tips for procedural sedation

The Circle of Willis

And cerebral autoregulation