Conn's Syndrome in 30 seconds

Conn's Syndrome in 30 seconds
Photo by Robina Weermeijer / Unsplash
@anaestheasier Conn's syndrome is a condition characterised by excess aldosterone. This causes a hypernatraemic, hypokalaemic, metabolic alkalosis #FRCA #novice #odp ♬ original sound - Anaestheasier

  • Conn's syndrome is caused by an excess of aldosterone
  • This has a wide array of targets in the body, but mainly acts on the kidney
  • The first target is the sodium potassium ATPase pump, pumping three sodium ions into the blood, and two potassium ions in to the urine
  • Note this makes the blood more electropositive than the urine, which the body isn't keen on, so negative chloride ions follow the sodium into the blood
  • The second target is a hydrogen ion ATPase pump, which pumps H+ ions into the urine, producing the characteristic metabolic alkalosis

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